Mission, Vision & About Us

We're a passionate team of two, focused on building the best tools to help mobile developers all around the world.

Deaconu Dan Andrei
Developer, entreprenour, musician

Deaconu Mihai
Entreprenour, rebel, animal lover

Our Mission

To increase the number of downloads for mobile apps.

There are just a couple of things that influence the number of downloads for an app in a given period. But one of the things we've discovered in our 5 years of active development is that a great presentation goes a long way.

These are some of the reasons why great screenshots matter:

- 47% of users found their last app by searching the app store
- 50% of users make their purchase decisions based on the first impression
- you have only 7 seconds to convince a user to download your app on your App Store page
- you have even less while he’s scrolling through a list of other similar apps
- the three most important elements users focus on when browsing for apps are the app logo, name and screenshots
- the first 3 screenshots are the most important part because users can see them without scrolling to the right
- less than 2% of users actually read the app description
- great screenshots can increase number of downloads by up to 30%

Our Vision

To build the fastest and easiest to use tools for creating the most compelling app screenshots.